Getting started

Freeturn is an open source portfolio and CRM for individual freelance developers. Based on Django and Wagtail.



Front page

  • minimalistic front page including picture and online identity
  • portfolio project pages with all necessary info
  • contact form
  • more ->

CV generation


  • quick per project CV generation using your project portfolio proven working against HR managers
  • Gmail integration, parsing the project description for quick project lead and CV generation
  • more ->


CRM area

  • tracking project leads and budgeting
  • clients database
  • invoice generation
  • more ->


Deploy or check out freeturn locally for development and contribution

Freeturn ->

  • thankfully uses Circle CI for CI/CD: eviltnan
  • is MIT licensed: License: MIT
  • thankfully uses end-to-end-tests on browserstack and selenium
  • thankfully tracks maintainability with code climate: Maintainability Test Coverage


Freeturn supports a number of service integrations, configurable over environment variables.